Living Ship Update Incubates in No Man’s Sky Today

The newest update for No Man’s Sky lets you grow a living ship. Hello Games’ founder, Sean Murray, detailed the surprise update on the PlayStation Blog, along with setting expectations as to when we can expect more content. The ships must go through an incubation process, hatching, and grow before you can take them for a spin. They have their own lives and organs, and players will have to “nurture” them to customize for something like a fast hyperdrive.

The designs are very interesting and procedurally generated. The trailer and screenshots show flowing “wings” and tentacles in a variety of colors with only the mushroom front being similar. Pilots need somewhere to sit after all. The interiors will be different from the norm too, as you’ll need to grasp tentacles in the cockpit to direct the ship.

If you want one of these new ships with its tentacled power steering, travel to the space anomaly and follow a signal for the Void Egg. You’ll see Korvax experiments, and come to know the origin of your new ride. It’s certainly different than other ships, and it’s one more update to a game that was released three years ago.

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Murray addressed the update frequency as well. He mentioned the team has long term goals that will need some time to finish, but they will be making smaller changes more frequently. They want players to have these smaller improvements and features without having to wait for the big release. They have implemented monthly community missions and content weekly, so you won’t have to wait very long to see something new.

No Man’s Sky has changed dramatically from the original release, and the team at Hello Games has worked hard to deliver the game that was promised. With larger updates, including the ability to play the entire game in VR, it’s pulling in new players. Murray said that January “had more players on all platforms than any previous year, and the average player enjoys longer and more varied sessions across the board.”

You can download the Living Ships update now. While you wait for it to be completed, check out the trailer and screenshots.

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