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LocoRoco Makes Guest Appearance in Upcoming The Swords of Ditto

LocoRoco is bouncing back on to our screens in a guest appearance. The themed quest is part of The Swords of Ditto, which is due to release next month. The crossover is a PS4 exclusive.

Onebitbeyond collaborated with SIE Japan Studio to make it a reality. In a post over on the Official PlayStation Blog, Jonathan Biddle, designer, said, “The first step of this collaboration was to figure out a smart, seamless way to integrate LocoRoco into The Swords of Ditto while giving players something truly surprising and unique.

“It became clear that a secret dungeon themed as a small LocoRoco quest would be ideal and a nice juxtaposition to the usual dark and gloomy secret caves that populate each new world with every run.”

The cutesy LocoRoco sound like they add an element of colour to an otherwise gloomy world. Possibly even a welcome distraction away from the darkness. Besides, you can never have enough LocoRoco.

The Swords of Ditto is scheduled for release on April 24th.

Had The Swords of Ditto caught your attention before this news? Or has LocoRoco bumped it on to the wish list? Comment below. 

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