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Look Before You Leap in Latest Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer

It’s time to feast our eyes on another short trailer showing a day in the life of your favorite tomb raider. Since her last outing, Lara has been keeping fit, and she uses that to climb rocks and jump across dangerous chasms. It is all part of a well-balanced hero who doesn’t much care for death.

Speaking of death, the trailer also shows us why not being a slow tub of guts keeps her from visiting the afterlife. Traps. There are traps everywhere. Some will let you fall, some will fill you full of holes, and some will chop off bits you want to keep attached. None of it’s good, and it is the perfect reason to get to the gym. Or, just don’t raid tombs. I think we both know which one is going to let me have a greasy cheeseburger for supper tonight.

There are two things I find really impressive in this trailer. The first is Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s use of light. The moving flames illuminate different parts of the caverns and daylight shines above Lara’s head. It’s amazing to see, and I have watched the trailer multiple times.

The second thing is just how massive some of these spaces are. There are cramped hallways in the trailer, but there are rooms and outdoor areas that give you plenty of space to navigate. One of those shows you climbing what appears to be a collapsed bridge as a ladder, and the view shows a large temple. It could be an ancient fast food restaurant for all I know, but it’s pretty ornate to just be a regular building.

We will have to wait until September 12th to discover the true use for all the buildings you will be looting in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but I do hope we see an ancient McNugget, McRib, or other Mc-artifacts along the way.

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