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Looks Like Driveclub VR is Still Coming to PS4

A while back when Driveclub developer Evolution was still working hard on Driveclub, it came to light that the studio was working on a VR adaptation of the popular PS4 racing game.

Then Sony went and shut down Evolution and all dreams of playing Driveclub VR seemingly died with the shuttering of the studio.

Well, it looks like we can dab our eyes dry now as Driveclub VR looks to be happening, despite Evolution being no more. The game was recently rated by the ESRB for a PS4 release which, at least by our logical thinking, means the VR edition of Driveclub is coming.

Naturally we won’t see the game release anytime before Sony officially launches its VR headset, but we expect we will see and hear more during E3 2016 this summer.

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