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Looks Like Sociable Soccer Will Support VR

Late last month, Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival released on PS4, decades after the franchise first enticed footy-mad players. It wasn’t all that great but the nostalgia was there.

Around the same time as the first Kick Off games came out, a competiting franchise was just starting off, too, Sensible Soccer. Jon Hare’s Sensible Soccer, to be precise.

This year is the year of old-school footy revivals and Jon Hare’s Sociable Soccer – a spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer – is due to release on PC and consoles, too. Here’s the big difference: it looks like Sociable Soccer will support VR. We’ve just received a message with a picture attached from the official Twitter account and it shows some dude having a play of the game with a great big VR headset strapped to his smiling mug.

By the looks of it, this isn’t the PSVR, but with the PSVR being just around the corner, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this one get some official PlayStation VR support.

sociable soccer

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