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Loot Rascals Swiping by Your PS4 in March

The revelation that Hollow Ponds’ Loot Rascals was coming to PS4 a year ago will finally bear fruit. The turn-based roguelike game will release on the PlayStation Store come March 7th for $15. The whole point of the game is to protect your robot pal, Big Barry, from horrible space demos with loads of tentacles. As you cut a path through these monstrosities, you’ll steal their cards which give you their abilities. Think early 90’s Mega man cartoons. You can check out the original announcement trailer above and let us know how you feel about controlling a low-key, meta Mega Man.

Loot Rascals is being developed by Hollow Ponds. They’re responsible for creating fan favorites like Hohokum which obtained a cult following. They’ll also be at PAX South this year at booth 10802. So if you’re down in the Lone Star State, give them a visit.

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