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Lornsword Winter Chronicle Brings Hot Strategic Action From an Icy Land

Consoles are becoming more PC-like without some of the PC hassle (suck it, “master race”), and that has brought a steady stream of strategy games to our favorite console. Lornsword Winter Chronicle is coming later this year, and it may be one for you to watch. Developed by people who used to work at Creative Assembly, this is a team that knows traditional strategy games. (Some of those have robbed me of hours upon hours of my life.) The developers at Tower Five are looking to take that tradition and knowledge to do something a little different.

They start by mixing up the genre a bit. Lornsword Winter Chronicle is a action strategy game. You still build, collect and manage resources, and make upgrades, but your combat is faster. Everything is real time, and you can fight alone or with a friend in drop-in co-op. You will need to make decisions quickly to keep your forces alive.

The visual style is familiar to any strategy fan. As you can see in the trailer, it’s a top-down perspective with views of your area and lets you take command of the battlefield. The world is cold (it’s a winter chronicle after all), and there is snow everywhere. We’ll have to see if the terrain is more varied in the final game, but there is a desert in the trailer.

Probably, the loftiest goal in Lornsword Winter Chronicle, beyond the ideas of a strong narrative, is that they are really working hard on the controls. Everything should be able to be easily played with the controller, and you won’t be missing a mouse. Deep strategy games sometimes have even deeper menus, so a controller-based design mentality is nice to hear.

We don’t have a release date for Lornsword Winter Chronicles. We just know that it will be available “later this year”. Check out the trailer for a view of the action.

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