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Lose Friends and Alienate People in Ultimate Chicken Horse Out Now on PS4

It’s coming up to Christmas, so what better time than now to lose some friends? We always make sure we have an argument with friends and family around this time of year. It makes it easier for them to swallow when we don’t handover any festive gifts. Hey, we’re on a budget…

To aid you in losing friends and being expelled from the family table, Clever Endeavour Games’ Ultimate Chicken Horse has been released on PS4. The game sees players face off or help each other in player-created levels. You can go easy on your spouse and help them out, thereby guaranteeing you’ll get a decent meal that evening, or you can go nuts and leave deadly traps everywhere. Should you take the latter, you best be ready to order a takeaway…

We’re still in the middle of getting our review out, but what we’ll say at the moment is that Ultimate Chicken Horse is a hit in this writer’s household. However, the war is slowly carrying over from the TV to the real world. There was no hot water this morning…

The launch trailer is up above and it gives you a peek at the brand new content that has been added to the console versions with the Elephantastic update.

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