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Lost Ember Delayed, Dev Diary Offers Apology And An Update

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to play Mooneye Studio’s debut game Lost Ember. Originally due for release on July 19th, the game has now been delayed.

Developer Mooneye Studio’s latest development diary details the circumstances of the delay along with providing a look into the team’s trip to GDC and showcasing some new gameplay.

The delay comes in the interest of the game’s quality and performance, allowing the game’s remaining bugs to be ironed out to deliver the team’s vision in full, unhindered by performance issues. Furthermore, after extensive QA testing, tweaks to the controls, camera and the readability of level design are being implemented to ensure the game’s fluidity and atmosphere is optimized.

These setbacks are unfortunate and inevitable, especially for small indie developers, but the concern shown by the developer’s for the game’s quality fills me with confidence that we’ll experience the game exactly as intended.

No new release date has been announced but the team are hoping it will only be a couple of extra weeks so hopefully we’ll see Lost Ember in late July or early August.

Check out Mooneye Studio’s dev diary for full details.

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