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Lost Sphear Gameplay Reminds Us of JRPGs of Yore

A new story trailer has dropped for Lost Sphear, and it gives us a warm feeling that only a comfortable pair of rose-tinted glasses and a cup full of nostalgia can bring. The main character, Kanata, wakes up to find his town and the world disappearing. Nobody wants that, so he teaches himself to use a sword and sets out with a band of plucky adventurers to use Memory to restore the people and parts of the world that are lost.

The trailer shows you opening up new areas by removing a white fog, so exploring towns, rolling fields, and monster-filled dungeons will be a big part of Lost Sphear. The environments and watercolor art style look great, and harken back to the simpler styles of some of the PS1 (and earlier) classics with higher overall resolution.

Showing true commitment to a retro ethos, the combat will be a variation on the active time battle system. (That will make some of you grin, some of you groan, and some of you run to Wikipedia. All are acceptable responses.)

Is it just us, or did they use the same font from classic JRPGs too? This game is one amnesiac main character away from being one of the games it is trying so hard to emulate, and it is on purpose. It was developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and is owned and published by Square Enix. They are trying to recapture the feeling of those other games, but put them on modern consoles. After its founding in 2014, its first game was 2016’s I am Setsuna.

Check out the trailer for Lost Sphear, and let us know if you feel the same nostalgia. If so, you only have to wait until January 23rd, 2018 to take a neo-classic (please put a better name for this in the comments) for a spin.

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