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Lost Words: Beyond the Page Drops a New Trailer but No Release Date Yet

I’ve been watching Lost Words: Beyond the Page for a while now, but it looks like we might actually be nearing the release date. A new trailer revealed at the New York Game Awards gives you a chance to explore more of the land of Estoria. It’s narrated by the person who might know it best, the main character Izzy. She is a writer, a young girl, and she’s having to deal with life and growing up. It’s a tall order for anyone.

As she is dealing with those emotions, players can experience all of that through a fantasy lens in Estoria. Outside Vikings, dragons, and dangerous fires in the world, some of her memories are expressed in her notebook. Whether from moving words or with ocean waves, her thoughts are brought to life. It’s a cool concept, and the art in the trailer looks great. Beyond the art, the story was written by Rhianna Pratchett, so I’m very optimistic.

For a release date, we only know this one is slated to release in the spring. (It would be a perfect addition to the next Sony State of Play if anyone’s listening.) There’s a lot to like in this trailer, and I’m looking forward to giving Izzy’s story a try whenever it is released.

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