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Mafia 3 Story DLC Coming Next Month

Mafia III will be receiving three new meaty chunks of story DLC through July. Starting next month, gamers will be able to purchase the first story DLC, “Faster, Baby!”. Lincoln will be using, “Fast cars, dramatic chases, and epic stunt driving” to take down a Sheriff harassing civil rights activistis.

Slated for May, Lincoln will be working with John Donovan to fight an acquaintance from Vietnam in “Stones Unturned”. In “Sign of the Times”, Lincoln will hunt down a cult in the bayou responsible for killing the citizens of New Bordeaux, and that is targeted for July. The developers are promising new locations and rewards in these three new stories.

In our review, we thought the narrative in Mafia III was its greatest strength, and the developers have done a great job with supporting the game with updates after launch. We look forward to seeing if the they can continue to provide compelling narrative in the upcoming DLC.

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