Mafia 3 Update 1.05 Adds Races, Car Customisation and More on PS4

Mafia 3 developer, Hangar 13, has released a brand new update for its debut game today, version 1.05. The new update went live within the last couple of hours, though it may still be in the process of rolling out across the world. So if you’ve yet to receive the update, rest assured it’ll arrive shortly.

So what does this new update bring to the table? Plenty, actually, as noted on the official Mafia 3 blog. First up is car customisation. You’ll now be able to kit out your favourite rides with up to 50 unique customisations. You can alter your wheels, add decals to the body, and more. You’ll be able to deck out your vehicles by visiting any of the nine Big Rick’s garages in the game.

Then there’s the new car races. Once you’ve had a big sit down with all three of your lieutenants, you’ll be able to take part in street races. You’ll find these illegal sprints dotted around the game’s map. Players will be rewarded for their efforts with customisation options that are unlocked by winning races. You’ll also have the opportunity to win the very special Griffin Marauder, though it won’t be easy.

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And finally, there’s a few more outfits to give Lincoln a new look over the festive season. Not that they’re particularly festive, mind, but it’s nice to have the options all the same. There’s still more to come, according the developers, and we’ll see more content added to the game early next year.

Are you still kicking around New Bordeaux, or did you skip town pretty quickly? Make us an offer we can’t refuse down in the comment section below.

  1. after the last mission kill Sal, I forgot the last blue dot (picture) and let the building. when I realized it I went back but not the door build the stage is locked. is there any way other than restarting entire game to get the last pic?

  2. I was afraid of that…
    so with all these new supercharger, exhaust mods is there any difference in H.P? if so where can I see that info? or are they merely for looks?

  3. Going to give the game a dusting off today and try the updates out. This was one of my favorite Games to play and I was pretty bummed when I beat it. I check for the dlc every few days. Can’t wait for new content

  4. Agree that it could do with some decent dlc. I was holding out for some single player content where we could play as Vito, though I don’t think it’s gonna happen tbh

  5. it’s cool that they already updated some stuff but I’m kinda disappointed also.

    #1- the add on supercharger(s) and exhaust add ZERO H.P to the cars which I can live with but, if you purchase 1 add on item and then another, when/if you want the original purchase back you have to pay for it again.
    #2 – there should be an option to re-play any mission that’s already been completed.
    #3 – the races are cool and fun but, I beat every race and set all but i think 2 track records on my 1st try at eachieve track… that tells me that the Hangar group possibly needs a better race tester and I’d like to offer my services.
    #4 – I was hoping there was a trophy for having collected 1 million $$$ but nope, oh well no biggie..
    #5 – not trying to sound ungrateful but when I finish the new updates in a few hours it’s kind of a bummer but I am happily looking forward to more updates, hopefully more missions in the future with all the un charted territory still showing on the map.

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