Mafia 3 Update Version 1.03 on PS4 Fixes Bugs, More Updates Coming Soon

Hangar 13, the developer behind this year’s Mafia 3, has released a new update for the historical action game on PS4. The new update is version 1,03 and it aims to rid the release of a few bugs.

There’s not much else known about what the patch does as the patch notes on PS4 don’t go into any detail and Hangar 13 only refer to the update as a “hotfix to improve stability on PS4,” while also clarifying that the studio is working on new update for the game and that the studio will share more when it can.

It’s fair to say that Mafia 3 didn’t exactly get off to a strong start with players and critics (though we found it to be a decent enough game in our review,) so here’s hoping that Hangar 13 can push out some decent updates to address players’ concerns. There’s also talk of free content being released across platforms, so we’ll be looking forward to that when it happens.

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Have you been enjoying Lincoln Clay’s quest to take over New Bordeaux, or have you found yourself with a case of swamp fever? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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