Mafia 3 Update Version 1.06 Out Now on PS4, Huge 1.3GB Download

Mafia 3 Update Version 1.06 Out Now on PS4, Huge 1.3GB Download

Mafia 3 has a brand new update on PS4 and other platforms today, though it’s actually an extension of a previous update. The last update to hit Mafia 3, update 1.05 back in December, added new features such as racing and customisation. Not a bad little freebie, no? Plus, we also got to dress Lincoln up in some new duds, so all was cool.

The new update, 1.06, essentially expands on the previous update by giving players more options when it comes to car customisation. You’ll now have more options when you want to make your car your own, and you’ll also be able to use 20 new custom license plates. The patch notes that dropped with the hefty 1.3GB download also mention some fixes for bugs and general performance.

It’s good to see, despite the poor reception of the game, that Hangar 13 is still working hard to improve its debut release. We didn’t find it all that bad in our review, and with more updates to come in the future, we reckon this one could be a bargain for the right player.

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