Mafia: Definitive Edition Gameplay Shows An Old Mission and Huge Improvements; Join the Family on September 25th

The original Mafia game was released in 2002. Since we’ve had a few technological improvements since then, the new gameplay trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition shows off the massive improvements that Hangar 13 has implemented. The company rebuilt the entire game from scratch using proprietary tech, and it’s the game you remember, only better.

The first thing you notice is the visuals, but this is more than just a new coat of paint. The trailer shows off the same scene between the old and new versions a few times, and it’s a jaw-dropping change. The amount of detail on each model and in the environment takes an old game and makes it new again. The new lighting engine helps. For other things you’ll see, the city has been redesigned where it makes sense, but the old landmarks are still there.

They don’t talk a lot about it, but they do mention a new 3D sound has been added to the game. If you listen, you can hear a marked difference between the original and remake. For me, the Tommy gun firing in one of the scenes drove home how much work has been put into the new sound.

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A good chunk of the trailer shows the mission “A Trip to the Country”. It’s set around the middle of the game and demonstrates a lot of what the developer is trying to accomplish with the remake. Narrated by Hangar 13 President, Haden Blackman, the mission is set in the dark and rain as you go to pick up a liquor shipment. Things go bad, and this is where you’ll use the new shooting mechanics. It’s a variation on the system from Mafia III, but it seeks to make every bullet count. The main character isn’t a former soldier like Lincoln, so you’ll need to be more careful where and when you shoot.

Even beyond the fancy new visuals, Mafia: Definitive Edition is looking very good. It keeps the same story of a cabbie who joins a mafia family and follows him over eight years as the family deals with problems during and after Prohibition. With the changes to the looks and sound, it looks like any modern game, and it should be a good introduction to the series for newcomers and a great homecoming for fans.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will release on September 25th.

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