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Maid of Sker Scares Up a Lovely Lullaby in Latest Trailer; Coming June 2020

Set against a beautiful Welsh lullaby named Suo Gân, the latest trailer for Maid of Sker provides some terrifying images from the upcoming game. Although things seem peaceful on the forested grounds of Hotel Sker circa 1898, that imagery continues to become more frightening as you see people hanging from the trees, faceless people trying to catch you, and ending with your character being tied to a chair with fire around you.

The story is loosely based on the legend of Elisabeth Williams. The folk tale says that her father locked her away, and she died of heartbreak. (Kids today complain when their phone gets taken away. Sheesh!) Centered around the themes of family and the supernatural, players will explore Hotel Sker and the grounds with multiple endings possible.

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Sound and music will be a big part of the game. There are no weapons for you to easily kill everything. Survival is based on 3D sound, and you’ll have to hold your breath at the right times to avoid discovery. If you like the song in the trailer, the game’s soundtrack will have other Welsh hymns I can’t pronounce such as Calon Lân, and Ar Hyd Y Nos sung by Tia Kalmaru. I’ve listened to Suo Gân multiple times, and I can’t wait to hear the others.

For now, we’ll all be waiting a little longer. It’s coming from people who wrote SOMA and Don’t Knock Twice. Check out the trailer and screenshots for a look at the places you’ll be hiding and the things you’ll be running from when the Maid of Sker releases this June.


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