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Make Bodies Explode in the RAGE 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer

RAGE 2 is coming May 14th, and I have a new trailer to share with you. In case you are worried, there are no mutants throwing powdered dyes in the air, and Andrew W.K. is nowhere in sight. It’s almost ten minutes of gameplay without any real filler, so you can see what to expect.

If you are expecting shooting and explosions, Merry Christmas. As you cruise around the map, you approach a little outpost. You’ve seen an outpost cleared in other games, but this is a little different. Yes, we have pretty explosions. Yes, many dudes eat a lead wrapped sandwich. The change is in how this happens.

If you are a stop and pop shooter, keep on moving. The action is fast, and you have to stay on your toes. It’s more structured than constant motion of Doom, because you can throw down a shield, jump above the top, and fire rounds from your shiny gun. The strategic use of a shield seems to occur multiple times.

There are also a few powers on display. There is one that looks like you overdosed on your ‘roids. The screen distorts, and you are more powerful. Another one throws down a singularity, and you can jump on it to be thrown higher. Another power allows you to pulverize bodies into pieces by pounding down to the ground from high above them.  As much as the whole thing looks like chaos as you slide across the ground and fire, there is some strategy to the mindless violence.

You really should check out the trailer. It seems to be the most forthright look at the gameplay yet, and that gameplay is intense. I don’t want to get carried away on the hype train yet, but toot toot.

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