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Man of Medan Dev Diary Breathes Life Into A Ghost Ship

Supermassive Games released the second part of the first dev diary about arguably the biggest character in the game – the ghost ship. As the setting for most of the experience, the team wanted it to be scary and full of many of the horror tropes you know and love. The sounds inside the ship are impacted by the waves on the outside. Smoke, mist, and darkness hide and obscure different environments and play on your fears.

The team also wants players to understand that the ship is decaying. Rust is everywhere in the visuals, but it impacts the sound as well. The thud of feet as someone is walking or as they hit against a locked door is not the same as if the ship was new. It all makes a difference.

There are what may be considered a couple of spoilers in the trailer (at least to me), but it’s interesting to see how much time is being spent to make sure the environment is perfectly suited to this spooky tale. If the philosophy of game making and this game in particular interests you, I think it’s worth a minor spoiler or two.

As usual, we still don’t know when Man of Medan is coming, except 2019. Maybe it will be announced at the Game Awards tomorrow night.

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