Man of Medan will Offer Two Different Multiplayer Modes to Share the Scares

Supermassive’s initial offering in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan, will ship with three modes. The single player mode is the one they have shown so far, but they are shedding light on their spooky takes on multiplayer. Based on feedback from how people played Until Dawn, there will be a multiplayer mode called Movie Night. Two to five players can pick a character at the beginning and pass a controller around when the game focuses on them. You can make decisions and generally try to keep them alive with info about how you played at the end.

The second multiplayer mode is online. You and some rando on the internet (or a friend, I guess) will play together in Shared Story mode. Each of you will be able to make choices that impact the story and each other. The trailer hints at how this might work. Around 51 seconds, two characters are pushing something against a door to keep something out of the room. Both characters have the choice to push or run. One of them decides to run and take the lantern. One of them falls to the floor and watches in dread as the door opens.

Giving someone else control in your story is dangerous, but the idea is interesting, especially when they split up and see different things. It doesn’t guarantee one of those things will be you. The problem with a ghost ship is that you can’t guarantee they will survive. Besides, didn’t the Scream movies teach us not to split up in a horror situation?

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The developers are promising that all the games in this series will have multiplayer, and we can give the first one a try in less than two months. The info on the PlayStation Blog says they are listening to feedback, so, if you play it, let them know what you think. They also keep comparing it to Until Dawn which is very encouraging.

Man of Medan is the story of a group of young tourists who follow the legend of a ghost ship in the South Pacific. Along with the fun and sun, they find the ship is not as dead as they think. Your choices will impact the story and personalities of the characters in the game, and Man of Medan contains more branching story than any other previous title from Supermassive Games.

Prepare to dive into the murky waters in Man of Medan starting August 30th.

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