Man of Medan’s Movie Night Mode May Let You Kill Your Friends

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is releasing in a couple weeks, and Supermassive Games is dropping the details on Movie Night Mode. The origin of this mode started with feedback from Until Dawn. Players would invite their friends over and pass the controller to play as different characters in the game.

Movie Night simplifies and enhances what fans were already doing. The game will ask you how many people are playing. You can enter your names and pick the character you want to play. When it’s your turn, the game will pause to notify the next player, and you’re off to the races (or the morgue).

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At certain points in the game, there will be awards for how particular people fared. Some of the examples are if you raised or lowered relationships or made decisions with your head or heart. It gives you some feedback and adds another level to the experience Supermassive Games has been trying to deliver since the planning stage.

The trailer ends with a basic question – can your character make choices that kill your friend’s character? We don’t receive a direct yes or no, but it’s pretty easy to guess that we’ll be killing our friends on accident and on purpose when we can finally play it on August 30th.

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