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Manage Your Galactic Empire in Stellaris

Hello, future space emperor. Stellaris: Console Edition is coming to the PS4 next month. It’s a grand strategy game set in the vastness of space, and it challenges you to take a fledgling society and turn them into the dominant force in the galaxy. We don’t often see a grand strategy game on a console, so let’s jump into the details.

The primary reason we don’t see them on a console is due to the amount of information and menus you have to navigate. Some of your hearts just started beating faster, either from dread or anticipation. The developers at Paradox understand both emotions, and they have tried to make the myriad bits of data easier to see and access.

Using a controller has long been the problem here, because you don’t have all the buttons of a keyboard. You also aren’t sitting close to the screen. The console version of Stellaris has been designed with those limitations in mind. The menus can be easily accessed with the D-pad buttons, and you can move the screens with the sticks. If you pull the triggers you can zoom in and out, and a quick click of R3 switches between galaxy and system views. I’ll put some pictures of the menus at the bottom, but it doesn’t sound really burdensome for a controller.

I started with controls, but you may be wondering what a grand strategy game like Stellaris is. The idea is simple. You will pick from a selection of races, choose ideas about how your society is formed, and go forth into the stars. The execution and later game becomes more interesting. Building new technologies, access to resources, and keeping your subjects moderately happy can be tough. Running into your neighbors might require some delicate diplomacy. It might also require some planet-sized nukes. Whether you choose to build a fleet or a group of friends, there are consequences.

It’s the type of game that can easily make you lose track of time, and it’s a rarity on consoles. Stellaris: Console Edition will launch on February 26th. If you run out of universe to conquer, the developer has promised to release plenty of DLC. If you purchase the regular version at $39.99 USD, that DLC will be extra. If you buy the Deluxe Edition at $59.99 USD, it will be included. It may be the first of many tough choices if you decide to play the game.

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