Mantis Burn Racing Coming October 12th Thanks to New Trailer

Mantis Burn Racing Coming October 12th Thanks to New Trailer

VooFoo Studios have taken their first self-published game to quite a few conventions so far to much acclaim. Now that the latest one, EGX, is over they’ve made the release date announcement for Mantis Burn Racing. It will hit PlayStation 4s on October 12th. Yes, that is a Wednesday. When that time comes you’ll be able to dive right in to a racing world that has a career mode, customizable vehicles, photo realistic visuals, intuitive gameplay, an RPG-like upgrade system, nine game modes, local and online multiplayer, and an electric soundtrack.

The response to the game at recent Gamescom and EGX expos has been nothing short of phenomenal,” says Marketing & PR Manager at VooFoo Studios, Sean Walsh. “We’ve been blown away by the feedback from everyone who’s played the game. We’re thrilled that, in just a few days’ time, players will be able to get their hands on the final game.”

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