Mark Cerny is Chatting Up Developers in Preparation for PS5

Here we go again. Is it that time already? Are we really heading towards the end of the current generation? Maybe. Maybe not. We don’t know, but there is a softly-spoken little fella who is a lot more in the loop than most: Sony’s Mark Cerny.

It’s well known that Cerny took to visiting various game studios before the PS4 was released in order to find out what developers wanted in the new console. It was with the feedback of the industry’s top talent that Sony went forward with the design of the PS4. Not the black casing, mind you, but the innards – the guts – that developers utilise to bring us those sweet, sweet games.

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Apparently Cerny is back on the road and talking to developers again, which could mean that he’s doing his research for the final designs of the PS5. Or it could be that he’s incredibly bored and just wants to visit people? Or he wants sneak peeks at games? We’re guessing it’s PS5 research. Yeah, that makes much more sense.

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