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Martha Is Dead Coming to PS4/PS5 in 2021 With A Captivating and Creepy Reveal Trailer

With everything going on, I often miss something, and I missed the Martha Is Dead reveal trailer yesterday. If you missed it too, you should watch it right now. It has a mesmerizing trailer that switches between a style with puppets and scenes from the game that is an absolutely striking contrast. The voiceover leads to a very creepy climax too.

The game is about Italian twin sisters during World War II. While the country is being turned into a battlefield by Axis and Allied forces, one of the sisters, Martha, drowns in a lake in a suspected murder. Her other sister has to deal with the consequences during what is already a very stressful time. The game combines psychological horror and folklore in a historical setting.

It’s being developed by LKA, the studio behind The Town of Light. That game proved it can make a compelling story while working with uncomfortable material. It will be interesting to see what they can do with Martha Is Dead.

Studio Founder and Game Director, Luca Falco, had this to say about the company’s upcoming project:

Martha is Dead represents a step forward for LKA. This is a game that merges the raw power of PC and next-generation consoles, and all we’ve learned from developing The Town of Light. Martha is Dead is an evolution in psychological storytelling, and we’re driven to build a compelling, gripping world Full of twists and turns for players to explore in 2021.”

We’ll see more of the game in the next few months, but this is one to watch for 2021.

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