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Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Transformer: Fall of Cybertron Coming to PS4 as Remasters

This generation of consoles has become known as the age of the remaster, and even we’re beginning to grow a little tired of the re-releases. Normally we’re quite fond of a decent remaster like The Last of Us, Dead Island, GTA V and all the rest, but it’s getting to a point now where things are starting to get a bit silly and, at least in our opinion, a bit too greedy.

Activision’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron have been outed for the PS4 via the Taiwanese ratings authority, so it looks like we’ll be getting a couple more remasters in the near future. The problem is, these aren’t exactly massive games that are demanding to be remastered, nor are players begging Activision to make it happen.

This is more a case of Activision wanting to squeeze a few more pennies from the Marvel license that will be relinquishing very soon by re-releasing some older games on the new systems. Will they be true remasters? Probably not. The publisher has a poor record when it comes to re-release on the PS4, so we’re not holding out for anything other than a direct port with the most simplest of graphical upgrades.

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