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Marvel Ultimate Alliance’s Missing DLC Are Coming Soon With More Updates

Just a couple of days ago Activision released Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on PS4, some ten years or so after their initial releases on the PS3.

We actually managed to review the double package fairly quickly after release and it was a shame to say that they just didn’t offer value for money. One of the main complaints that fans of the series had was that the PS4 version was missing the DLC, while the second game had everything. Sure, a few extra characters aren’t going to suddenly make the game worth the high asking price, but every little helps and all that.

Marvel’s Bill Rosemann has recently taken to Twitter to inform fans that the DLC fixes are on the way and that Activision will announce more in the near future. We assume the publisher is working on an update of sorts, though, aside from the missing DLC, we can’t see there being any drastic improvements to the game to really make it feel like a proper re-master.

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