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Marvel’s Spider-Man Becomes Fastest Selling Game Of the Year – So Far?

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been flying off the shelves like hot dogs off a New York street corner. But unlike its tasty yet unrelated brethren, Spidey has a record to show for it.

That’s because, according to the sales figures, the comic book hero is 2018’s fastest selling release during its UK launch week, beating the previous stalwarts Far Cry 5 and God Of War. In fact, the numbers are so impressive, that the web slinging swinger almost doubled the sales achieved by the latter. We’re not too keen on telling Kratos, though. But if you have little regard for your own existence, then please, feel free…

Just in case that wasn’t impressive enough, it has also been crowned the best performing Marvel title. Ever. Take that Lego Marvel Super Heroes! 

One of the few accolades that it doesn’t qualify for, however, is the fastest selling superhero title of all time, which belongs to Batman Arkham Knight. But that was a multi platform release, so it’s like comparing apples with rocket fuel. Then again, some ciders may fall into both categories.

Overall, it’s fair to say that Spider-Man has proven itself to be a highly profitable and greatly enjoyed release from the team at Insomniac. Unsurprisingly, most of our team we’re preoccupied by him over the weekend, engaging in pure exhilarating swinging, along with most of the country. And fortunately it turned out to be a justified distraction, with no car keys in sight, as you can read in our review. The question now is whether anything can topple the new King. Red Dead Redemption 2, maybe? We can only wait and see.

Have you succumbed to Spidey’s charms? Swing by the comments box below and weave a reply. 

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