Marvel’s Spider-Man Gets the Lego Treatment

The white emblem on Marvel’s Spider-Man caused controversy when it was first announced. With time, however, people warmed to the design and accepted it as one of the many iconic suits the hero has worn. Now the white-spidered good samaritan is gaining global recognition as Lego announce a limited edition figurine.

It’s just a shame that most of us will never own one. The reason being that this figurine is due to be available exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con later this month, and, most likely, nowhere else.

*Cough* except eBay, of course *Cough*

This isn’t the first time that Insomniac’s design has transcended the gaming realm – it’s had guest appearances in both comics and films. But it is the first time the costume has entered a market that it isn’t so comfortable in. Not that Lycra is that comfortable, anyway.

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Unsurprisingly, however, news of its exclusivity hasn’t gone down well with fans who are disappointed that won’t have the chance of purchasing one, first-hand. We will be joining them in hoping that both Lego and Insomniac recognise the benefits of releasing it publicly; surely they don’t really want to be seen promoting an extortionate after market?

Are you going to Comic Con to get your webby mitts on this Spider-Man mini figure? Or will you be swinging between auctions, trying to find one “pre-loved”? Sling a comment our way below.

Spider-Man Lego


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