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Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Update 1.06 Released, Patch Notes Inside

There’s a brand new update today for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Unfortunately it’s not that exciting and New Game Plus is still nowhere to be found, but there is one meaningful addition to the game’s feature set.

For those who prefer inverted camera controls (yuck!) the new update adds such a feature. Insomniac has stated that there is more to come in the future by way of updates, but for the moment here’s what’s new in Spider-Man on PS4.

New Features

  • Added the option to invert the camera horizontally.

Fixes & Updates

  • Addressed an issue where the game could freeze on load of a save game.
  • Addressed an issue where players could get stuck inside the Empire State Building spire.
  • Addressed various issues with Research Stations locking incorrectly.
  • Addressed an issue where puzzles would be locked out in the lab after investigating an audio recorder.
  • Addressed a progression stopper when completing Demon Bases and quitting out at the end.
  • Addressed a progression stopper when knocking Mr. Negative out of the arena during his boss fight.
  • Addressed a progression stopper during point launch tutorial.
  • Further improved stability.
  • Addressed various UI issues.
  • Addressed various animation pop issues.
  • Addressed various additional issues.

If you’ve yet to play Spider-Man and want to know what we think of the game, you’ll find our review through here. 

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