Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Dated, Hammerhead Stars as the Villain

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be getting some new DLC this month in the form of another story chapter, this time titled Turf Wars.

Turf Wars will release on November 20th and is included in the Marvel’s Spider-Man Season Pass. So if you’ve bought the Season Pass, you’ll be able to download and play the Turf Wars DLC for no extra cost. If you don’t have the Season Pass, you’ll have to stump up the cash and buy the DLC separately, or purchase the Season Pass. Your choice.

While there’s no much information about the Turf Wars DLC, it’s now known that Hammmerhead will be taking on the role of main bad guy this time around. It’s also safe to assume that there’ll be more story missions, collectibles, side-missions, and crimes to fight. So more of the same, then. Speaking of which, we still don’t have our review out for the previous DLC – we’re working on it!

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