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Marvel’s Spider-Man Turns A Year Old

It’s hard to believe. But Marvel’s Spider-Man is now a year old. A milestone Insomniac were keen to make public and celebrate with their fans, by making a “headline” of their own over on Twitter (I swear I never look that cool reading a paper). But it’s not the only behemoth title to be growing older.

As was pointed out by a user, Red Dead Redemption 2 is itself turning 12 months old in October – despite it feeling like it was only last week we were spurring up for its release. How time flies when you’re having fun!

The Twitter post, unsurprisingly, received over 40 thousand likes. Along with 12 hundred comments and 6 thousand retweets. They congratulated the studio on creating such a masterpiece, reiterated the fact that it was Marvel’s Spider-Man which prompted their purchase of the console in the first place, and even begged for a new celebratory suit. A birthday suit, we assume. But the overall message was clear.

This is a game that met everyone’s expectations. And that has set very high standard for any future sequel. Some thought an announcement would be made on his big day – you know, of the ‘blow out your candles and make a wish’ kind – but so far so quiet.

At least we know its viability has been greatly proven.

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