Mass Effect: Andromeda Does Away With PS4 Season Pass

Mass Effect: Andromeda Does Away With PS4 Season Pass

These times they are a-changin’. In a surprise move that actually had us doing a double take, EA and BioWare won’t be shipping Mass Effect: Andromeda with an ungodly Season Pass. EA. No Season Pass. See why we’re confused?

The confirmation comes via BioWare General Manager, Aaryn Flynn, who was asked over Twitter whether the game would have a Season Pass. Flynn responded with a clear one-word answer: Nope. We aren’t complaining, mind, as Season Passes have long been the scourge of the games industry, though we’re a little surprised that it’s EA leading the way with this big-name release.

However, it also has us a little worried. See, games these days are designed to keep on bringing in revenue long after they’ve gotten into the hands of gamer. Usually it’s via pricey Season Pass purchases and DLC, so now we’re wondering how EA will monetise Mass Effect: Andromeda if it’s not going down the Season Pass route. It could simply just release DLC like the good ol’ days, though we reckon there’s the possibility for microtransactions to make a shady return. Here’s hoping that we’re wrong…

Mass Effect Andromeda will release this March on PS4, as confirmed not too long ago by BioWare.

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