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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Moody PS4 Box Art Leaked Online

Happy N7 Day! Yes, today is the day that Mass Effect fans tend to go a little bit nuts, and apparently one of Best Buy’s employees has lost their mind as the retailer’s website has leaked the box art for Mass Effect Andromeda ahead of time.

There’s actually a couple of pictures that have been posted on the Best Buy website alongside the product listings. One image is from the PS4 deluxe edition which shows some space dude standing moodily with his back to the viewer as a spaceship burns up on its fall to the planet below; the other is a little les interesting with the character looking downwards while pulling some obnoxious pose with a pistol.

There’s still no release date for BioWare’s hotly anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda, but there’s a good chance EA and BioWare will celebrate N7 Day with a release date or maybe even a new trailer. Just something to keep the hordes of Mass Effect fans happy.

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