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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Second Installment of Its Gameplay Series is Here

Less than a week has passed since Bioware first revealed and started Mass Effect: Andromeda’s trailer gameplay series. Now the second entry is available for our viewing pleasure and focuses more on abilities, classes, and teammates. It reveals a pretty cool thing about your tactics and planning if you’re not someone who likes to bum-rush into every situation. This time around for the series you won’t be blocked off from abilities based on what class you choose. In fact, you’ll be able to use all the techniques on the fly and upgrade them accordingly. Additionally, you can create profiles and access them mid-battle so you’re never left with one mode of attack. You can check out the full video for yourself above. Yes, there is some new gameplay and enemies to see get wiped out.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is developed by Bioware and will release for the PlayStation 4 on March 21st. It can be pre-ordered here. We’re fully expecting the third installment to drop sometime next week. Keep it here at Pure PlayStation as you can bet we’ll be on the lookout for it. As always, meet us down in the comments if you’d like to discuss the article matter.

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