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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets the Photo Mode Treatment

There’s good news to report today if you’ve ever thought, ‘Not only do I want a remastered Mass Effect trilogy, but I want to take photos of it, too’. That’s because it has been confirmed the upcoming collection of games will have a photo mode built in. An undeniably useful mechanic for recording those memorable moments in the series, along with a few that would set your heart racing…

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the latest game to benefit from an in-built photo mode, which makes the primitive screenshot feature redundant. And the news broke along with a demonstrative shot, too. All the usual controls appear to be present, along with a selection of editing options. But now I’m intrigued as to what other mod cons might be included.

Alexa, why is it whenever someone says ‘With all due respect,’ they really mean ‘Kiss my ass?’

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Mac Walters from BioWare made the announcement – stressing that they are still messing around with the technical stuff but it is a confirmed feature, nonetheless. In fact, the actual tweet read, “We were just calibrating, but #MassEffect Legendary Edition will have a photo mode” and it had the feature image above coupled to it as a teaser.

Since the announcement, fans have been debating how best to put the mode into use. For example, someone suggested a ‘guess the planet’ tourney. Others have pointed out that the average time to completion will all but double whilst a small few are still denying it can be true. All in all, it has been well received by the community, who will now probably find the wait to launch even more unbearable. 

Still, it’s not delayed and it’s not too long now – we have to be grateful for such things.

Source: Mac Walters Twitter

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