Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Has a Galactic File Size, Day One Patch Confirmed

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will demand up to 101GB from your hard drive when it launches next week. A file size which is less than I expected and is actually quite reasonable, given what it is. However, there is a large Day One patch bundled into that figure, so you may be slightly delayed in starting your play through depending on your internet speed. And it is currently unclear as to whether each game can be installed separately. 

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now just a week from launch. And we are therefore starting to receive a few more details on the game. This time round, we’ve found out its file size – and unsurprisingly, for a trilogy, it’s rather large. But the accompanying Day One patch doesn’t exactly help and it is still smaller than Red Dead Redemption 2. So, you shouldn’t need to jiggle too much trying to make room.

In total, the game is quoted as being 80GB in size for the US region and 101GB in Europe. These include the Day One patch, though, which ranges from 11GB to 14GB depending on where you live. However, gamers have raised the question as to whether the games can be installed one at a time – thereby, making it a little easier to squeeze them in (after all, this collection would take a fifth of the storage space available on the PlayStation 5). However, that query currently remains unanswered.

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Let’s just hope common sense prevails on that front.

Meanwhile, given that the games have received countless enhancements during their remaster and that they remain fan favourites in the gaming world to this day, I doubt double this file size would have put people off. Instead, our enthusiasm must be tamed for another week until we can finally experience this trilogy once again. It’s like waiting for Santa!

Source:  PlayStation Size (Twitter)

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