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Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Confirmed via Pre-Order at UK Retailer

Mass Effect fans have been asking for the longest time for EA to release a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy for current-gen consoles. We’ve had some teases and hints over the years, but perhaps the biggest smoking gun has been fired by UK retailer GAME.

Reddit user Waymantis has been able to pre-order something called ‘N7’ at their local GAME store, with a September 29th release date. Obviously, N7 refers to Mass Effect, as any fan can tell you, and the September 29th release date is a Tuesday – the typical day of release for new games.

The fact that somebody has been able to pay a deposit and hand over their real-world money for a game called ‘N7’ after asking to pre-order Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy is all the confirmation we really need, isn’t it? There’s still plenty of time for EA to come out and show off what they’ve been working on, and after the most recent leaks, I think it’s safe to assume the reveal will be coming sooner rather than later.

Source: Reddit

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