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May 2019 PS Plus Games Announced, Available to Download Tomorrow

May 2019’s PlayStation Plus offerings have been officially revealed and some people are not happy. Some things never change, eh? The announcement actually came through on Friday but we were all too busy having a long weekend, hence the delayed write-up. We’re humans, too.

The games that will be available for May 2019 are What Remains of Edith Finch and Overcooked. I can see why some would be a little less than excited with that lineup but to be fair, Overcooked is some top-notch fun, so long as you play in co-op with a partner. Alone it’s just… sad. And What Remains of Edith Finch? Well, unless you’re down for a drawn-out mystery and lots of walking around, you probably won’t enjoy it all that much.

It’s a shame that Sony has yet to publicly address the reduced PS Plus value since the PS3 and PS Vita games were dropped in March 2019. We’ve gone from six games per month to just two, and it’s hard not to look over at our Xbox brethren with envy as they get double the amount with their Xbox Live Gold subscription. Maybe there’s something in the works for a later date. Maybe not…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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