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Maya Has a Very Bad Day in Overkill’s The Walking Dead

After all the TV and movies, we feel pretty well-informed about what will happen during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. It’s clear that the beginning will be a collectively bad day/week/years (if you survive that long) for everyone. Everyone will have a “Where were you when the dead first tried to eat you?” story to tell.

This is Maya’s story. She likes to help people in what appears to be a hospital. A new patient entered the OR, and his death is only the beginning of her troubles. We won’t spoil the excellent CGI-only trailer, but good coworkers are really tough to find. That’s the real tragedy takeaway from this two and a half minutes.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a multiplayer FPS game for four players. Set in Washington D.C., the dead are much less stationary than normal, and they want to take a bite out of you. Each of the four characters will have their own abilities and skill trees, and you can check out Aidan’s trailer here and the most recent dev diary here.

The only release date we have is fall 2018, but we are looking forward to seeing more soon.

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