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MechaNika Invites You to Destroy Everything on PS4, Releasing November 7th

Mango Protocol has announced today that MechaNika, the first game from the Psychotic Adventures series, will be releasing on PS4 on November 7th, 2019. But what is MechaNika? I had that very same question when the press release landed in my email inbox.

In MechaNika you play as Nika Allen, a seven-year-old girl who is done with the world. She’s miffed that the world is full of boring and pointless things, so she’s going to get rid of them, starting at her home and then moving onto the rest of the world. Always good to have some ambitions, isn’t it? Here’s some of Nika’s own words:

I, Nika Allen, 7 years old, am sick to death of this world. My parents don’t care about me. My brother never takes any notice of me. At school I never get taught anything useful. There are loads of things that shouldn’t exist. It’s for these reasons that I’ve decided to destroy everything that isn’t cool. I will eliminate the things and the people that I don’t like. I’ll start at home. Then school. This city. The entire world. I’ll get rid of everything that’s boring and pointless, and this world will be better for it. BUT! First I must find all the components I need to build MechaNika. Yes, that’s what I need to do now…

MechaNika will have you testing your puzzle-solving skills in a comically dark, yet colourful hand-drawn world, as Nika embarks on her quest to build a weapon that will destroy everything in the world that she doesn’t like. I hope she likes Pure PlayStation…

MechaNika will be available via the PlayStation Store on November 7th for just $5.99. Cheap and cheerful fun, hopefully.

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