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Media Molecule Announces Dreams PS4 Beta Release Date

Media Molecule has been streaming a lot of its fantastical Dreams for PS4 since the summer, but today’s stream was a special one indeed. Why? Because it’s where the quirky developer announced the release date for the Dreams PS4 beta.

Streaming over on Twitch, the developer announced that the Dreams PS4 beta will begin on December 19th through to January 21st, though it’ll only be invite only at the moment for those who are signed up to the newsletter, so check your emails tomorrow! It should also be noted that the beta will only be available in select countries. The developers also noted that you don’t need a PS Plus membership to play the beta, but you will need to connect to PSN.

If you want to be in with a chance of playing the beta, you can sign up for the newsletter through here and keep your fingers crossed. The newsletter sign ups are being pounded at the time of writing, so if you can’t access the page just now, wait a little while and try again later.

[Update: The developers have since confirmed that signing up for the newsletter now will not get you a place in the beta. January 8th is for everyone, so it’s not a massive wait, though you’ll have to sign up once registrations start on January 4th, 2019.]

There’s still no release date as of yet, though I’m guessing it can’t be too far away now. 2019? Maybe…

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