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MediEvil Pre-load is Now Live But Tough Launch Week Ahead

The pre-load for MediEvil is now live. But don’t be thinking this is a small release in what is a big week for launches. This remake is nearly 40GB in size – rivalling The Outer Worlds!

In fact, if you add up the base game, comic book, art collection and soundtrack, you’re going to be downloading nearly 58 gigabytes of content. Somebody obviously hasn’t heard of compression…

4 GB of that total is reserved for the original soundtrack alone. And the comic book is more than 9. Which means you’ll have to take an executive decision if you’re looking to download more one of this week’s releases – and that’s more than likely given their strength.

Unless you’re a little short for coins right now and plan on watching someone else play them online. In which case, consecutively download all four goodies and enjoy. You’ve got to get your money’s worth, after all.

However, if you are only in the market for the one game in the next month, MediEvil may not be your chosen one. Especially with the rave reviews The Outer Worlds has earned, the allure of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s resurrection and the enigma that is from Death Stranding. Something an impromptu poll on Reddit confirmed. In fact, it will have to do a lot of hacking and slashing if it’s going to come out on top.

Something the mediocre reviews won’t help with.

Source: Reddit

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