MediEvil Remake Coming Next Year

We have another spooky game coming next year. MediEvil, the PS1 classic, has been completely remade in 4K. A new trailer shows gameplay with cuts of the original and the same parts from the remade version. The difference between the two is just as stark as you imagine. For you purists, perhaps they will include a filter to go back to the grainy visuals of the original. For most of us, that’s going to be tough.

The story is about the end and then new beginning of Sir Dan. He is a hero who meets an untimely end, until he is resurrected from the dead by an evil sorceror, Lord Zarok, 100 years later. Sir Dan will live the rest of his undead life trying to stop the evil machinations of Lord Zarok, defeat his army, and protect his homeland.

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We don’t know when MediEvil will be coming to the PS4, but it’s one more game in a long line of games that will keep us busy in 2019.

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