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MediEvil Short-Lived Demo Out Now on PS4, But Only for a Limited Time

Batman didn’t show up at this evening’s State of Play broadcast by Sony, but Sir Dan did. Sir f^£king Dan. Seriously. Who even is this guy? Alright. Enough of my bitterness. We’ve all had a few to drink. Let’s keep things professional.

Sir Dan’s attempt at relevance with a remake has a new demo that’s available today on the PlayStation Network. If you want to play as some failed 90s action wannabe for an hour, go ahead and download it. He doesn’t even have gadgets. For Christ’s sake, he’s a ‘Sir’ but he doesn’t even have a man-slave. Do you know who does? Batman.

Anyway. If you want to give the game a go before its full release on October 31st (how f£$king original, Danny boy) then you can go to the PlayStation Store and nab the free demo. However, it’s only available until October 6th. After that, it’ll be back to the crypt with the man who doesn’t even own any land, let alone skin.

Can you tell I’m bitter that Batman didn’t make an appearance? Does it show? Am I letting it affect my work? Whatever. If I wanted to see an 80-year old man who wears his knickers on the outside, I’d have visited the local pervert.

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