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Meet Aidan from OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead Game

The only thing that seems to keep going more than the zombies in The Walking Dead is the franchise itself. For proof, this multiplayer, co-op, action FPS is named OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead. We have the first trailer for one of the four characters, and, although it is only CG, it could persuade us to forget about our zombie fatigue.

Set in Washington, D.C., Aidan seems to have a lot of stress in his life. Family, work, and everyday demands are taking a toll. It could be our imagination, but Aidan seems to have adjusted well to his new situation in the apocalypse. Perhaps, he even found his true calling.

OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead will let four players work together on missions to find resources to keep safe from walkers and living threats. Characters will have unique skill trees and abilities to help your group survive. (This is just speculation, but, since Valve will never release it, could this be a good substitute for Left for Dead 3?)

We will not know for sure until Fall 2018 when the game will finally see release. Until then, check out the trailer, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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