Meet Morgana From Persona 5

Meet Morgana From Persona 5

We really like how Atlus is giving each character in the next release of their upcoming marquee RPG series their own introduction. You might as well get to know some of these characters, since you will be spending a few dozen (or more) hours with them in February. There is also a voice actor video to get to know them a little better and to try to squeeze a few hints out of what we can expect. There is not much, but you can try.

Morgana is voiced by Cassandra Morris, and chances are good that you have heard her in something. According to her YouTube channel, she has narrated over 200 audio books. She is also no stranger to anime work in titles like Durarara!!, the new Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. For video games, she has performed in Infamous: Second Son, World of Final Fantasy, and the first Danganronpa. There are many more titles on her Wikipedia page, and she definitely seems up to the task of taking a major role in Persona 5.

For those of us who connected with Teddy from Persona 4, it is great to see a more unconventional character choice pop up again, and it gives us a lot of hope that this release will be just as interesting. We are also digging the animation style in the videos as well. Check out the character and voice actor video, and let us know if Morgana will have a permanent place in your party.

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