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Meet Rico’s Nemesis in Just Cause 4

With so many big games coming in the next few months, we have a new trailer for one of the most explosive. Just Cause 4 has decided to give you a little more info on the main baddie for Rico, and she is the most dangerous, most capable, and most highly armed yet. Gabriella Morales commands the Black Hand in Solis and has that area tightly under her control. She has what looks to be the military might of several countries. What else can Rico do but gather his own troops and go to war?

The trailer is a lot of CG, and it’s just a few squad shots and deathmatch clips short of a Call of Duty trailer. That’s not a problem, since it still veers heavily into action and explosions. From a story perspective, we learn that Gabriella believes that she and Rico are cut from the same cloth. Will we have the obligatory dialogue in-game to support it? One can only hope.

Just Cause 4 is releasing December 4th, so keep some of those Black Friday units of currency set aside if you want to go on this latest adventure with Rico Rodriguez.

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Press Release from Square Enix

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