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Meet the Mechs from RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

RIGS and the PlayStation VR will soon be available to the public in less than a month. So Guerrilla Cambridge and PlayStation have made this week all about showcasing their mech sport/combat title. Today they revealed the specifications of the controllable Rigs and two trailers showing off abilities said Rigs possess.

The first one is the sentinel class Rig, Rough Justice and its knockout ability. It’s six meters tall, can travel up to forty nine miles per hour, has a max melee damage of 4000, and a jumping slam ability that damages and disorients opponents.

To put those stats into perspective, Jeroen Roding (Guerrilla Community Manager) released the specifications of the other Rig classes.

-Height: 3.4 Meters
-Top Speed: 59 Mph
-Max Melee: 3600 Damage
-Jump: Basic — Equipped with basic jump ability.

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-Height: 5.5 Meters
-Top Speed: 51 Mph
-Max Melee: 3600 Damage
-Jump: Double Jump — Once in mid-air, the Mirage can boost jump a second time.

-Height: 2.5 Meters
-Top Speed: 46 Mph
-Max Melee: 3600 Damage
-Jump: Vertical Take Off — Hold to boost up into air and hover.

In addition there was an extra video uploaded about the vampire ability. We’re sure some figured it out already but in essence when you destroy an opponent’s mech, you regain armor. Plus, the Rig being used to show the ability is in the Mirage class and packing some serious heat.

Expect more info over the next seven days as Guerrilla has made it clear that this week is all about RIGS: Mechanized Combat League.

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