Meet the Pure PlayStation Team

Have you ever read one of Pure PlayStation’s reviews or articles and thought, “damn, I’d like to know more about the lady/gent who wrote this fine piece of literature,” so that you can send them love letters? Great, here’s those very people.

Chris Harding – Head Editor, News Writer, Reviewer, Awful Comedian

Chris is a terrible, terrible joker, though it’s gotten him so far in life. Chris has been fiddling with PlayStations and all other kinds of gaming devices since he can’t remember when, all he knows is that he’s good at it. Sort of. Fun fact: He actually put his trophy score on a job application once and got a positive reply.

Jason Frye – Deputy Editor, Reviewer, Most Lovely Guy in Gaming

Jason is Pure PlayStation’s mild-mannered reporter. Unfortunately that doesn’t come with an arse-kicking alter-ego, but it’s good enough for us. Jason splits his time between playing games, being a family man, and the nicest guy on Pure PlayStation. Seriously, the guy never utters any naughty words.

Hannah Ellis – News Writer, Reviewer, Boat Lady

Living life one Batmobile chase at a time. When she’s not writing about video games, she’s writing terrible jokes that even a Christmas cracker would be embarrassed to share.

Jeremy Peterson – News Writer, Reviewer, PSVR Puker Master

Waking up every day to write and play video games is this guy’s American Dream, and you can NEVER take that away from him. Well, you could, but why would you do such a thing?

Stuart Mclean – Reviewer

Stuart has had a long and lengthy love affair with video games, since he first woke up to find Santa had left him a Sega Master System complete with Alex the Kidd built in no less. Since then, his thumbs have become calloused and he has missed many a nights sleep in the pursuit of those elusive “5 more minutes…” but his love has never wavered.

Conor Hutton – Occasional Reviewer, Honorary ‘Pure PlayStation-eer’

At one time, Pure PlayStation’s ship was being steered by one man: Conor Hutton, the resident Irishman. After spending months on various projects with the team behind The Games Cabin, Absolute Xbox, and Pure PlayStation, Conor bade farewell to take on his own challenges.

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